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Jurus utama kuil Shaolin Henan China!

Two prominent publications about Shaolin were published in 2007, including the first ever photo documentary on the temple entitled Shaolin: Temple of Zen, published by the non-profit Aperture Foundation, featuring the photos of National Geographic photographer Justin Guariglia. The Shaolin Abbot, Shi Yong Xin, has written the foreword attesting the authenticity of the project. These became the first photographs seen of monks practicing classical kung fu inside the temple. American author Matthew Polly, also has written a book recounting his story of his two years living, studying, and performing with the Shaolin monks in China in the early 1990s. A third, more academic book, is to be published by the Israeli Shaolin scholar Meier Shahar in 2008 about the history of the Shaolin Temple.

While some of these are clear commercial exploitation of the Shaolin Temple and its legends, they have helped make Shaolin a household name around the world, and kept the temple alive in the minds of many young generations. To date, no other temple in the world has achieved such wide spread recognition.

List of styles presently taught at the temple

* Xiao Hong Quan - Small flood fist
* Da Hong Quan - Big flood fist
* Tong Bei Quan - Through the back fist
* Liu He Quan - Six harmonies fist
* Taizu Chang Quan - Emperor Taizu's long fist( this refers particularly to the 1st Emperor of Sung dynasty who was a military commander)
* Qixing Quan - Seven star fist
* Da Pao Quan - Big cannon fist
* Xiao Pao Quan - Small cannon fist
* Chang Hu Xin Yi Men - Forever preserve the heart-mind link/door
* Meihuaquan - Plum flower fist
* Luohan Quan - Arhat fist
* Tongzigong - Shaolin child training
* Dan Dao - Single sabre technique
* Long – Dragon technique
* Qi Lu Quan - Eight animal fist

Special Shaolin Training Methods

* 72 Shaolin Arts[22] - An encyclopedia of Shaolin arts compiled in the 1930's with the general approval of the then-current Shaolin Abbot, in order to save esoteric training methods in what were to become troubled and chaotic political times. After the cultural revolution, outside of personal knowledge of the hiding Shaolin warrior monks in nearby villages, this was among a series of similar books compiled in order to save the secret teachings from extinction. Thought in contemporary Chinese popular culture almost to be a joke, they are in fact legitimate writings from the 1930's, compiled by historical students of master Shaolin Temple warrior monks.

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